About Clark

I have been fishing Lake Sam Rayburn and Lake Nacogdoches since moving to East Texas in 1989. I have been guiding since 1996 and have spent many hours on these two beautiful lakes chasing fish! My experience on these lakes not only comes from the many hours I have spent with clients, but also from fun fishing with my family and friends and well as competing in local and national tournaments. I have seen the lakes full of grass when the 1 oz. jig was the prime bait to almost no grass at all when I had to put out brush to give specific targets for the fish inhabit and carolina rigs and crankbaits were the prime baits. I have had so many wonderful people from all over the world in my boat from beginning anglers to experienced tournament anglers and have made some really good friends! I am really excited to actually get to fish Lake Naconiche that I had the privalege to scout before they flooded it . It will open September 1, 2012 and I will be taking clients on this new body of water. I have always heard  the stories from ole timers about fishing a lake when it first opens, they say it is awesome!